What We Do

Every company has a story.  For business people in any industry, finding and telling a compelling story is challenging.  The story can be about a product or a service, or an innovation, or a key executive, or simply about the company itself, or an industry trend involving the company.

Distilling the story is complicated.  Companies usually are too close to their own businesses to understand how best to communicate their story to the outside world.

That's why we're here.

We know how to help companies find and develop their stories, and thus define their brand.  We understand who should know the story, and we figure out how best to reach them - through the media, through a special event, on the Internet, or in a myriad other methods.

Above The Fold Public Relations, LLC, works with clients to raise their profiles among their most important audiences.  To do that, we employ traditional and non-traditional public relations techniques:

Corporate Positioning - Figuring out what a company stands for, its personality, its messages.  Then we figure out how best to tell the world about it.

Media Relations - After finding the most appropriate media and journalists, we reach out to them with our best stories, seeking the third-party validation and credibility that comes with media coverage.

Event Marketing - We develop and manage events (seminars, workshops, sponsorships, etc.) that attract new customers and help add value for existing customers.

Corporate Writing -  With our journalism background and corporate experience, we know how to write all types of corporate documents, including annual reports, memos, newsletters, press releases, sell sheets, brochures, etc.

Business Development - Using its established business relationships, Above The Fold helps its clients make important contacts that boost visibility and lead to more business.

Marketing Communications - Brochures, sell sheets, white papers, direct mail, Web sites, etc.  We can produce whatever you need.

Analyst Relations - We help our clients meet and present to the appropriate leaders in the analyst community. 

Trade Show Promotion - From preparing pre-show communications to developing press conferences, we help our clients plan for trade shows to make the best impression in front of customers.  We accompany clients to introduce them to key media.  We work to develop speaking opportunities and create events that maximize exposure.

Communications Audit

In order to provide the most effective consultation for our clients, we begin with a thorough assessment and audit of the clients' communications and positioning.  This gives us the baseline from which to recommend a sound public relations program.